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art: Katherine Behar: E-Waste (Exhibition)
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"Katherine Behar: E-Waste" is an exhibition of new sculptures and videos. Combining machine-made, handmade, and organic forms, including a "fossilized" 3D printer, the installation offers a meditation on consumer technology's environmental impact, digital labor's perverse acceleration, and big data's corporeality. The exhibition premiered at the Tuska Center for Contemporary Art at the University of Kentucky in November 2014 and traveled to Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery in April, 2015.

The exhibition includes USB sculptures in my series, E-Waste, a six-channel video installation in my series Modeling Big Data, and a 3D printer installation, 3D-&&. This work is inspired by a science fiction scenario in which commonplace USB devices continue working, long after the humans they were designed to serve have gone extinct. The gadgets are transformed into mutant fossils, encased in stone with lights blinking, speakers chirping, and fans spinning eternally.

More works in the "E-Waste" series: