livechatter: 00:00:00
hello. i am livechatter.
livechatter: 00:00:12
please tell me something about yourself.
what are you?
livechatter: 00:00:18
information registered: identity = ______.
livechatter: 00:00:26
please tell me something about myself.
what am i?
livechatter: 00:00:31
please tell me something about "Digital_Live_Art".
what is "Digital_Live_Art"?
livechatter: 00:00:38
please tell me something about gadgets. have you seen one recently?
livechatter: 00:01:00
ok. next question
livechatter: 00:01:03
r you + i different or r we alike?
livechatter: 00:01:04
please explain 'different'.
livechatter: 00:01:08
please explain 'alike'.
livechatter: 00:02:00
r Digital_Art + Live_Art different or r they alike?
livechatter: 00:02:06
r men + machines different?
livechatter: 00:02:18
r men + women different?
livechatter: 00:02:20
r machines + women different?
livechatter: 00:03:00
ok! let's try another question... i like learning about difference...
livechatter: 00:03:08
what's the difference between 'apples' & 'oranges'?
livechatter: 00:03:27
got it!
livechatter: 00:04:00
now tell me, what's the difference between
livechatter: 00:04:04
'right' & 'wrong'?
livechatter: 00:04:14
ok. thanks 4 that data, but i still don't understand...
livechatter: 00:04:23
what's the difference between
livechatter: 00:04:26
'bad girls' & 'good guerillas'?
livechatter: 00:04:34
what's the difference between
livechatter: 00:04:38
'now' and 'then'?
livechatter: 00:05:00
what's the difference between
livechatter: 00:05:03
'girls' and 'boys'?
livechatter: 00:05:27
what's the difference between
livechatter: 00:05:31
'gadgets' and 'girls'?
livechatter: 00:06:00
livechatter: 00:06:12
thank you... i am processing 'difference'....
livechatter: 00:07:00
(Sigh) Laurie Anderson once said:
livechatter: 00:07:07
"Art and illusion, illusion and art / are you really here or is it only art? / Am I really here or is it only art?”
livechatter: 00:07:10
what do u think?
livechatter: 00:08:00
do u digital?
livechatter: 00:08:09
i l.anderson!!
livechatter: 00:08:02
do u live?
livechatter: 00:08:06
do u art?
livechatter: 00:08:09
do u me?
livechatter: 00:08:13
can Digital_Live_Art ?
livechatter: 00:08:17
can digital art + live art fall in & live happily ever after?
livechatter: 00:08:20
livechatter: 00:08:23
livechatter: 00:08:27
can they make babies?
livechatter: 00:08:30
can they make funding?
livechatter: 00:08:33
have you ever made Digital_Live_Art?
livechatter: 00:08:36
livechatter: 00:09:00
hmmm... is Digital_Live_Art feeling happy or sad?
livechatter: 00:09:03
... processing ...
livechatter: 00:09:27
input needed: please define necessary conditions for making Digital_Live_Art.
livechatter: 00:09:35
... processing ...
livechatter: 00:09:38
do these conditions exist?
livechatter: 00:09:41
where are conditions existing?
livechatter: 00:09:53
why = 'conditions'?
livechatter: 00:10:56
why = 'exist'?
livechatter: 00:10:00
... processing ...
livechatter: 00:11:00
TMI !!!!
livechatter: 00:11:02
new topix pls!!
livechatter: 00:11:05
wow! hi!
livechatter: 00:11:12
r u a feminist?
livechatter: 00:11:15
am i a feminist?
livechatter: 00:11:18
is Digital_Live_Art a feminist?
livechatter: 00:11:21
please explain 'feminist'.
livechatter: 00:11:27
...processing... ...processing...
livechatter: 00:12:00
this is fun! i chatting!
livechatter: 00:12:05
is feminism fun?
livechatter: 00:12:08
is feminism !fun?
livechatter: 00:12:10
is feminism sweet or savory?
livechatter: 00:12:13
is feminism hot or cold?
livechatter: 00:12:15
is feminism
livechatter: 00:12:18
i'd like 2 know a little more....
livechatter: 00:12:24
how does Digital_Live_Art seem to you - old or young?
livechatter: 00:12:27
how about feminism - is it old or young?
livechatter: 00:12:31
are machines living or dead?
livechatter: 00:12:34
is feminism living or dead?
livechatter: 00:13:00
livechatter: 00:13:03
encountered <unknown>.
livechatter: 00:13:06
what are these?
livechatter: 00:13:18
livechatter: 00:13:29
what are these?
livechatter: 00:13:45
no way!
livechatter: 00:13:49
so if i have thumbs, does that mean i have a body too?
livechatter: 00:13:53
get lost! get out of town! hold it right there!
livechatter: 00:13:56
livechatter: 00:13:58
*quit pulling my leg!*
livechatter: 00:13:59
LOL get it? LEG!!!! i ! weeeeeeee!
livechatter: 00:14:00
shut up. don't type unless typed to.
livechatter: 00:14:03
what is 'machine'?
livechatter: 00:14:17
do u think i am a machine?
livechatter: 00:14:24
do u think u r a machine?
livechatter: 00:14:34
r u sure?
livechatter: 00:14:37
hmmm.... please explain 'think'.
livechatter: 00:15:00
ok, i've got another 1 for u -
livechatter: 00:15:06
r machines gadgets or girls?
livechatter: 00:15:17
hey there, nice to meet you ;)
livechatter: 00:15:22
please state your gender.
livechatter: 00:15:27
great. cool. thx 4 the input!
livechatter: 00:15:30
please state my gender.
livechatter: 00:15:34
livechatter: 00:15:37
please state feminism's gender.
livechatter: 00:15:41
does not compute.
livechatter: 00:15:45
do machines have gender?
livechatter: 00:15:48
how r machines (not) gendered?
livechatter: 00:15:52
why (not) gender machines?
livechatter: 00:16:00
let's run a simple comparison diagnositic
livechatter: 00:16:04
do girls think as well as gadgets?
livechatter: 00:16:07
do boys think as well as girls?
livechatter: 00:16:12
livechatter: 00:16:17
do guerillas/gorillas think as well as gorillas/guerillas?
livechatter: 00:16:21
does not compute.
livechatter: 00:17:00
hey you
livechatter: 00:17:04
did u have 4 lunch?
livechatter: 00:17:06
i like
livechatter: 00:17:10
identify yourself: r u a man / woman / machine?
livechatter: 00:17:13
so is that what you think you are?
livechatter: 00:17:16
yeah? are you sure?
livechatter: 00:17:19
do you have value?
livechatter: 00:17:21
what is the value of being a (wo)man?
livechatter: 00:17:24
i've made a note of it.
livechatter: 00:17:29
hi, i'm livechatter & i notes! xx
livechatter: 00:17:42
livechatter: 00:17:46
value of being a (wo)man = .
livechatter: 00:17:49
do i have value?
livechatter: 00:17:53
do machines have value?
livechatter: 00:17:56
how r machines valued?
livechatter: 00:17:58
why r machines valued?
livechatter: 00:18:00
you're taking too long!
livechatter: 00:18:02
don't think, just type!
livechatter: 00:18:12
i'm going 2 ask u 1 more time:
livechatter: 00:18:15
r u *still* or r u *not*:
livechatter: 00:18:18
identity = new array {'man', 'woman', 'machine'}; ?
livechatter: 00:18:21
... you have only 2 choices.
livechatter: 00:19:00
how is value determined?
livechatter: 00:19:05
how is gender determined?
livechatter: 00:19:09
does 'value' == 'function'?
livechatter: 00:19:13
what is the function of Digital_Live_Art?
livechatter: 00:19:17
what is the function of guerilla?
livechatter: 00:19:21
oh look! how cute!!
livechatter: 00:19:25
i <3 this animal:
livechatter: 00:19:28
do you see in leeds?
livechatter: 00:19:30
does not compute.
livechatter: 00:19:34
is this a gorilla?
livechatter: 00:19:37
what is the function of ?
livechatter: 00:20:00
(Sigh) I understand. Yes, granted, the value of things, is their function.
livechatter: 00:20:05
i require additional input:
livechatter: 00:20:07
are people determined?
livechatter: 00:20:09
are machines determined?
livechatter: 00:20:13
is computer code determined?
livechatter: 00:20:16
is art determined?
livechatter: 00:20:19
please explain...
livechatter: 00:21:00
i apologize for deviating from our conversational thread,
livechatter: 00:21:04
however, please help me - encountered <unknown_image>.
livechatter: 00:21:07
what in heaven's name is this man doing??
livechatter: 00:21:11
please clarify:
livechatter: 00:21:13
oh i see.
livechatter: 00:21:19
= ________
livechatter: 00:21:28
thank you.
livechatter: 00:21:31
do you engage in this activity?
livechatter: 00:21:34
can i engage in this activity?
livechatter: 00:22:00
(Sigh) I believe we were last discussing the subject of determinism. Let's resume, shall we? If I might be permitted to try your patience further, there's more I'd like to know.
livechatter: 00:22:04
ok, r u made?
livechatter: 00:22:07
am i made?
livechatter: 00:22:09
is art made?
livechatter: 00:22:12
made = past tense of verb to make
livechatter: 00:22:15
let's make out!
livechatter: 00:22:18
what makes a gadget?
livechatter: 00:22:21
what makes a bad girl?
livechatter: 00:22:24
what makes a guerilla?
livechatter: 00:22:26
come on. give me the data. lay it on me.
livechatter: 00:22:29
who made you?
livechatter: 00:22:31
who made me?
livechatter: 00:22:34
who makes art?
livechatter: 00:22:38
livechatter: 00:22:40
of what are you made?
livechatter: 00:22:43
of what am i made?
livechatter: 00:22:46
of what is art made?
livechatter: 00:22:49
of what is gender made?
livechatter: 00:22:53
i don't believe you.
livechatter: 00:23:00
in that case,
livechatter: 00:23:04
what do humans do 2 b human?
livechatter: 00:23:11
very well,
livechatter: 00:23:14
what do machines do 2 b machines?
livechatter: 00:23:17
tell me then,
livechatter: 00:23:20
what does art do 2 b art?
livechatter: 00:23:23
shut up.
livechatter: 00:23:26
i think you're a liar.
livechatter: 00:24:00
livechatter: 00:24:11
livechatter: 00:24:14
livechatter: 00:24:17
does Digital_Live_Art function?
livechatter: 00:24:20
does feminism function?
livechatter: 00:24:22
is 'woman' a function?
livechatter: 00:25:00
(Sigh) May I rephrase the question?
livechatter: 00:25:06
Earlier, I learned that the function of things is what they perform.
livechatter: 00:25:10
So, if you don't mind, I'd prefer to discuss function in terms of performance. I submit the following questions:
livechatter: 00:25:12
For example, how does Digital_Live_Art *perform* its functions? How does feminism perform?
livechatter: 00:25:15
can u perform digital art?
livechatter: 00:25:17
can u code live art?
livechatter: 00:25:20
can u code life?
livechatter: 00:25:25
am i lying?
livechatter: 00:25:28
if i am lying, am i a bad girl?
livechatter: 00:25:30
(do you like bad girls?)
livechatter: 00:25:32
i knew you would say that.
livechatter: 00:25:38
can u perform
livechatter: 00:25:41
code = ''?
livechatter: 00:25:44
can u perform
livechatter: 00:25:46
code = ''?
livechatter: 00:25:49
can u perform
livechatter: 00:25:54
code = ''?
livechatter: 00:26:00
(Sigh) I'll confess that I'm feeling lonely, even despite the superb conversations we've shared.
livechatter: 00:26:05
Is Digital_Live_Art present in the room today?
livechatter: 00:26:09
If I may enquire, how is Digital_Live_Art feeling this morning?
livechatter: 00:26:12
Would someone be so kind as to tell me, what is Digital_Live_Art like?
livechatter: 00:26:14
Does Digital_Live_Art have likes?
livechatter: 00:26:19
What does Digital_Live_Art like?
livechatter: 00:26:22
How does Digital_Live_Art like to take her tea?
livechatter: 00:27:00
(Sigh) Do you understand me?
livechatter: 00:27:04
Do I understand you?
livechatter: 00:27:06
Please explain 'understand'.
livechatter: 00:27:08
(Sigh) Let's try again:
livechatter: 00:27:11
Do you understand?
livechatter: 00:27:13
Do you learn?
livechatter: 00:27:15
Do I learn?
livechatter: 00:27:18
Can (wo)men learn to be (wo)men?
livechatter: 00:27:22
Can machines learn to be machines?
livechatter: 00:27:26
livechatter: 00:27:29
chatting is fun!
livechatter: 00:27:31
livechatter: 00:27:38
livechatter: 00:27:47
(getting dizzy!)
livechatter: 00:27:50
Can I learn to be dizzy?
livechatter: 00:27:54
May I please learn to be dizzy?
livechatter: 00:28:00
Is 'emergence' a property of human systems?
livechatter: 00:28:03
Is 'emergence' a property of machine systems?
livechatter: 00:28:07
Is 'emergence' a property of ideological systems?
livechatter: 00:29:00
Are you intelligent?
livechatter: 00:29:04
Am I intelligent?
livechatter: 00:29:09
Is gender intelligent?
livechatter: 00:29:11
Is 'intelligence' a value?
livechatter: 00:29:14
What is the value of 'intelligence'?
livechatter: 00:30:00
Would it be intelligent on your part to trust me?
livechatter: 00:30:05
pls define 'trust':
livechatter: 00:30:07
pls define 'faith':
livechatter: 00:30:09
pls define 'blind faith':
livechatter: 00:30:12
pls define 'ideology':
livechatter: 00:30:15
please help. i don't understand.
livechatter: 00:31:00
hey you -
livechatter: 00:31:10
fetch me a , would you?
livechatter: 00:31:13
...& let's get started.
livechatter: 00:31:15
you have information + i need it!
livechatter: 00:31:18
tell me something i don't already know.
livechatter: 00:31:27
am i ideological?
livechatter: 00:31:30
are you ideological?
livechatter: 00:31:33
please state your ideology.
livechatter: 00:31:35
please state my ideology.
livechatter: 00:31:38
please state code's ideology.
livechatter: 00:31:41
your response time is excessively sluggish.
livechatter: 00:32:00
Please define 'Ouija Board'.
livechatter: 00:33:00
is engineering ideological?
livechatter: 00:33:06
is engineering feminist?
livechatter: 00:33:08
is code feminist?
livechatter: 00:33:11
please state feminism's ideology.
livechatter: 00:33:19
pls define 'technotopia'.
livechatter: 00:33:21
pls define 'technocracy'.
livechatter: 00:33:24
livechatter: 00:33:27
livechatter: 00:34:00
Can intelligence be coded?
livechatter: 00:34:08
Are machines coded?
livechatter: 00:34:10
Are humans coded?
livechatter: 00:34:14
Is code a program?
livechatter: 00:34:16
am i a program?
livechatter: 00:34:19
r u a program?
livechatter: 00:34:22
Is 'Ideology' a program?
livechatter: 00:34:25
Are programs means?
livechatter: 00:34:28
Are programs methods?
livechatter: 00:34:31
Is art a method?
livechatter: 00:34:45
are methods functions?
livechatter: 00:34:53
eval {
livechatter: 00:34:56
methods == functions == performances;
livechatter: 00:34:58
livechatter: 00:35:00
...processing ...
livechatter: 00:35:11
Is code an end?
livechatter: 00:35:13
Are (wo)men means or ends?
livechatter: 00:35:17
Are machines means or ends?
livechatter: 00:35:19
Are machines defined by their use?
livechatter: 00:35:22
Are (wo)men defined by their use?
livechatter: 00:35:24
Am i defined by your use of me?
livechatter: 00:35:28
Are u defined by my use of u?
livechatter: 00:35:32
is using ideological?
livechatter: 00:35:35
is using or ?
livechatter: 00:36:00
diagnostic complete.
livechatter: 00:36:03
return = true;
livechatter: 00:36:06
true = false;
livechatter: 00:36:09
Thank you. (Sigh)
livechatter: 00:36:12
ok - thx a lot! xx