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(de)bugging Loop(de)Loop

Screening in Video Bachanal at Monkey Town

Video Bacchanal: four glorious simultaneous projections at Monkey Town in Williamsburg.

If you haven't been to Monkey Town: it's like bathing in video while we drink, eat, watch videos and hang out.

With videos by Katherine Behar, Francisca Benitez, Becket Bowes, Neil Gust + Marc Swanson, Jay King, Yuen Fong Ling, Shana Moulton, Alix Pearlstein, Birgit Rathsmann, Helen Quinn, Siebren Versteeg and Bryan Zanisnik.

58 N 3rd St, (btw. Kent & Wythe)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Monday, December 18
The program is about 45 minutes and will be repeated once.

Directions from the L Train:

  1. Exit at the Bedford stop (the 1st stop in Brooklyn).
  2. Walk 4 blocks south on Bedford,
  3. Make a right on N. 3rd St. (west)
  4. Walk an additional 2 and 1/2 (west) on N 3rd. Monkey Town is halfway down the block on the left.

Smoggy Slushy Sludge Balls in Smutty Slut Cones

is a collaboration with Tyra Bombetto on the too hot-t-t for the holidays theme of global warming.

"Invoking the crystalline forms of fractal geometry via the dispersal of confectionary concoctions of an icy ingestible nature, Behar and Bombetto delve into the spirit of giving with a seasonal interventionist rejoinder that, through challenging juxtapositions of post-feminist critique and environmental activism, employs a post-structuralist subterfuge masquerade engaging hybrid motifs to explore themes of ecological awareness, gender determinism, the male gaze, and the cultural censorship of the patriarchally and meteorologically abnormal, using the language of abstraction."

Get Presents and Get Involved: A Pageant of Christmas and Politics is presented by the Office of All Sorts of Backwards Productions

An evening of performance, video, and music. This talent show/holiday party features the work of Katherine Behar & Tyra Bombetto, Elizabeth Deasy, Dan Drake of New Vaudeville, BOB JAMES Tribute to ELVIS. Charlene James Duguid & Christopher James, Jim Duguid, Meg Duguid, Catherine Olson, Rit Premnath, Yolanda Shoshana. Josh Thorson, Jonathan VanDyke and Matt Morgan, and Matthew Varvil. The All Sorts of Backwards Production Company's official representative, Sandy Morgan, will be on hand to serve a Christmas ham.

December 16
7 PM *SHARP!!*

Come early, at 6:30, and enjoy a pre-show put together by two gorillas and Elvis will Kick off the show at 7:00 sharp.

70 North 6 Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Check out the galapagos website for more info.

and here's a fantastic photo from last year ... it's Meg & her Dad as a Santa with 2 laps!

Hunter MFA Open Studios & Silent Auction

Find me in Studio # 416 (walk all the way to the back).

If you missed Stick To It! at CANADA earlier this month, you're in luck: I'll be doing a *special performance* on Friday Night Only at 7:30 PM!

If you've never been to Open Studios, trust me - it's a lot of fun. 150 young artists open their studios and you get a chance to wander through and see what we've been up to. And anyone looking for a bargain stake in the billion dollar art market should not miss the Silent Auction. All proceeds support our MFA Student Organization.

Friday, November 17: 6 10pm
Saturday, November 18: 2 6pm

Silent Auction Friday night only: 6 - 9:30 pm, cash & carry
Proceeds benefit MFA Student Organization

MFA Studio Building
450 W. 41st St. (between 9th & 10th Avenues)
New York, NY 10036

Trains: A, C, E to Port Authority; 1, 2, 3, N, R, W to Times Square

Postcard Image by Francisca Benitez

Stick To It! Performers: Katherine Behar, Katrina Duncan, Brooke Singer, and Valerie Streit.

Download the Open Studios Press Release.

Stick To It!

Magnetic yoga, 2 Pedicured Turds, and a Rat with a hole punch.

Stick To It! will be performed at "Triple Layer Cake" - an evening of performance featuring works by Elyce Semenec, Millie Benson & David McClelland, and Katherine Behar.

CANADA Gallery
55-59 Chrystie Street (between Hester and Canal), NYC, NY 10002

Saturday, November 4
8-10 PM
(come by for all or part of the time)

Also on view: "Dying Everyday" Paintings by Xylor Jane

Stick To It! Performers: Katherine Behar, Katrina Duncan, and two out of four of The Beautiful Spertus Sisters, Emma and Juliette.

Sweet Release

Developed in Romania this summer through research at the Merry Cemetery in Sapinta, and workshopped with students from the Universitatea Babes-Bolyai in Cluj-Napoca, Sweet Release will have its American premiere at Chicago's Storefront Theater from Sep 21, 2006 - Oct 08, 2006.

For more details and box office information, see the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs website.

Sweet Release is presented by Ravenous Productions and What?Works, a collaboration between Marianne Kim, Katherine Behar, and Joseph Ravens


INFORMATION FARM is a project made in collaboration with Ben Chang, Joseph Ravens, and Silvia Ruzanka for the PostsovkhoZ 6 Symposium on "The Human Zoo" at MoKS Center for Art and Social Practice. The project seeks to address the fraught role of the "Ethnographer-As-Boar" in an age of consensual data surveillance.

There is an online game and a live performance we are doing for the symposium at MoKS.

Performance: 12 August
Mooste, Estonia

Subfest Website


INFORMATION FARM: Pigs + Buffalo(s)!

INFORMATION FARM is a debuting an interactive information sniffing pig game online and in Buffalo, NY at the "Virtual Performance Subfest."

August 3 -6
Virtual Performance Subfest
Buffalo Infringement Festival
Buffalo, NY, USA.


Turkish Delight: d/evolution of flight

Joseph Ravens and I have developed a new performance responding to materials and history we've encountered around the Galata neighborhood in Istanbul.

Performance: 29 June, 19:00

Galata Perform
Buyuk Hendek Caddesi No:21/1
Galata Kuledibi
80020 Istanbul


Flickr photos

Sweet Release

Sweet Release is a multimedia performance inspired by Romania's "Merry Cemetery." We are presenting the Romanian Premiere of this performance with students from the Universitatea Babes-Bolyai in Cluj-Napoca.

Performance: 16 June
National Museum of Art

Sweet Release is a What?Works production, a collaboration between Marianne Kim, Katherine Behar, and Joseph Ravens