Take shelter by taking a shelter apart
+ decorating yourself with a scrap of the city's fabric:

A temporary felt tent provides passers-by with short-term shelter, a place to pause and blend in - in a literal way - to the "fabric" of the city.

The structure is made out of soft, lacy, hand-cut felt, patterned to camouflage a chain link fence, a familiar "hard" urban texture at the site. Once inside, participants are encouraged to physically "take shelter" by using scissors, safety pins, and sewing materials to cut away pieces of the tent and apply urban camouflage to themselves.

The felt shelter calls temporary attention to the city's background textures and the urban materials it camouflages. Eventually, the original site reappears as the structure is dismantled and dispersed among participants.

Urban Camouflage: Taking Shelter

Chain Link Fence at the Conflux Block Party

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"When the city rubs you raw, let the city rub off on you."

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