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We will converge. 3 foreign artists are coming together to achieve 1 objective: the creation of an event. How this alliance will manifest cannot yet be specified. Only a few things are now certain:

The work will be an occurrence;
it will exist in time;
it will be site-specific;
it will be sculptural;
it will embrace technology;
it will remember the body;
it will be experimental;
it will evolve.

Wireless communications and local architecture provide the physical metaphors we will use to address our project's theme: intimacy.

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Marianne Kim, Joseph Ravens, and Katherine Behar will reunite in Amsterdam, Netherlands on December 20, 2004 and for three weeks will collaborate on an artistic invention to be presented on January 8, 2005.

We first met in Chicago six years ago, and since that time have been frequently involved in each other's independent work. Now separated by space and time, we have resolved to begin 2005 by gathering in Amsterdam to join forces on a single collaborative project. Behar is an Installation artist currently living in New York City. Ravens is a Theater/Performance artist in Chicago who lived in Amsterdam in 1998. Kim is a Dancer/choreographer residing in Los Angeles.

When we convene we intend to challenge our distinctive abilities and examine our individual art-making processes to arrive at a unique fusion of our collective talents.

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