katherine behar
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art: Data Cloud (A Heap, A Mass, A Rock, A Hill)
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A malleable form covered with over 6,000 keys harvested from used QWERTY keyboards.


The word data first appeared in English in the phrase "a heap of data" in 1646. The word cloud dates to ninth-century Old English, when, spelled clúd, it meant a "mass of rock" or "hill." Today we imagine cloud computing and data as immaterial, but Data Cloud (A Heap, A Mass, A Rock, A Hill) renders them physically as a mound of keyboard keys. In this imagined interface, each key represents a singular input point or datum, but en masse they take on an analog dimension, becoming weighty, unwieldy, and grounded.

Inspired by the Pera Museum's Anatolian Weights and Measures Collection, this project seeks to restore weight to data's measure.