katherine behar
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A witch floats on a wall, sheathed in a scaly armor of keyboard keys. With her hands and feet bound and her eyes masked by light dimmers, she commands the color of a projection aimed over her body. Using a red divining rod and a projected red laser keyboard balanced on an acrylic pentagon, she types alphanumeric codes repeated by a computerized voice.


"Hexadecimal Codes" are six-digit alphanumeric codes used to determine color on websites. Grouped in three two-digit units, the characters 0-9 and A-F proscribe red, green and blue values, where the first two digits refer to the amount of red, the second two digits refer to the amount of green, and the third two digits refer to the amount of blue. Millions of colors can be mixed with codes range from #FFFFFF (pure white) to #000000 (pure black).

In this durational performance, the word "hex" refers both to a hexidecimal code and to its German meaning, "witch." I am a cybernetic sorceress, divining color by typing. Through a Bluetooth infrared keyboard and a custom Flash application, my typing places me in the role of a cybernetic regulator who, like a sorceress, must be "greater than or equal to" the system she regulates.