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art: (de)bugging Loop(de)Loop
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(de)bugging Loop(de)Loop is the first installment in an ongoing series in which I perform computer bugs.

In an "infinite loop," a logical error causes a portion of a computer program to repeat itself endlessly, thereby preventing the program from running to completion. This DVD explores the "infinite loop" bug through five short video loops, each between 16 and 28 seconds. I use a hula hoop and VHS video tape to create a recursive and solipsistically silly system for five bug behaviors: (1) PERFORMING A MATING DANCE, (2) DEFECATION, (3) SPINNING A COCOON, (4) CONSUMPTION, and (5) FLYING.


In performing computer bugs, my body lends visibility to an otherwise invisible aspect of computer culture: the errors and terrors that cause systems to fail and logics to crash. My performances create material structures for engaging the abject side of technology's virtual fantasies. As a bug, I find that I have an innate proclivity for living as a parasite in technotopias' bowels.