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art: Picnic Series: Lunch Break, Melon Brawl, Meat Heads
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Picnic Series was a series of three outdoor public performances in Chicago. Each episode stages a surreal relationship between the body and food, tingeing habitual normalcy and biological necessity with consumption, captivity, and compulsion.

In Lunch Break, two performers appeared at lunchtime in Daley Plaza, a popular outdoor meeting and eating place for downtown office workers. Dropping crumbs for swarms of pigeons, the performers ate their way out of their swollen bread heads and offered dinner roles to hungry bystanders.

Melon Brawl saw the performers' heads transformed into watermelons. At Oak Street Beach, against the backdrop of Chicago's Magnificent Mile, they staged a head-butting battle to crack their melon skulls and donated juicy watermelon slices to picnicking families and sunbathers.

For the final performance, Meat Heads, the performers set up shop in another lakefront setting, this time a public picnic area in Hyde Park. Performing for video, the pair packed their heads with raw ground beef, gradually transforming themselves into giant meatballs.