katherine behar
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art: 3 Parts Come Posing Holes


A large digital diptych print hangs dominantly on a wall; beside it, a small video still is shunted into the corner; directly below the video still image, a rubber rat's ass, framed by a dot matrix paper tutu, disappears into a hole.


This installation, comprised of two photographic elements and one object, incorporates components from three other projects that were co-present in my studio at the time of making. United by their anal interests, the 3 Parts cemented their friendship shortly after casual introductions were exchanged.

This piece arose from my realization that the rat in Michel Serres' book, Le Parasite, is none other than a mammalian computer bug. The word "parasite" can refer to biological or social relationships, but in French it also carries the meaning of "static" or "noise." Serres diagrams a situation in which a parasitic rat invades the classical sender/message/receiver diagram from Information Theory. The rat is the figure of noise infecting the channel of communication, unbalancing the seemingly symmetrical relationship between interlocutors.