katherine behar
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art: A Shear Miss
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Two female performers sit on a raft-like mattress wearing a conjoined dress. The dress is voluminous and yellow; the mattress is pink; their hair is dyed black. The two pass a giant ball of black yarn back and forth, winding it in a figure eight around their necks. As they repeatedly pass the ball, mutually producing a form that attempts further attachment, the women tell each other bad, one-liner puns. Overhead is a sagging hammock, piled with raw fleece. More fleece swirls as though in eddies on the floor.


This piece is about symmetries that don't quite meet up. Nearly identical things fail to line up perfectly, causing slippages across meanings. Puns hinge on this doubling and slippage in language. Other imperfect symmetries span materials: raw fleece translates to black synthetic yarn; black yarn translates to the dyed black hair of the women; the twin-like women translate into each other; their playful game translates into an obsession. Flanking the wide entrance to the installation room are two red handles made out of rubber. Although the handles can be pulled and stretched, the entrance is slightly wider than the average person's arm span: from either side, a handle is just out of reach. Further, when one grabs onto a handle, it wobbles. The pun here is that it is impossible to get a solid "handle" on the piece.


Anne: Polly the senator's parrot swallowed a watch, and now politics.

Heather: Hotel owners always have suite dreams.

Anne: An astronaut wrote a story about flying twice to the moon. It was double spaced.

Heather: If you saw a bear foot in the woods it would give you paws for concern.

Anne: Those who daydream in the bath tub are wishy-washy.

Heather: If an animal looses its tail it should shop at a retail store.

Anne: The novice wine taster had a blanc stare on his face.

Heather: Royal chairs are rarely throne out.

Anne: Two silkworms ran a race. They ended up in a tie.

Heather: Where there are many chickens you can find layers of eggs.

Anne: A sword-swallower went on a diet. He had pins and needles all week.

Heather: Food for bad dogs is bought by the pound.

Anne: Two peanuts were walking in a tough neighborhood, and one of them was a-salted.

Heather: On the surface of things, whales are always blowing it.

Anne: In the sea, do you measure the speed of the tide in knots?

Heather: A cardboard belt would be a waist of paper.

Anne: It's nice to visit a ranch because of the horsepitality.

Heather: When the glassblower inhaled he got a pane in the stomach.

Anne: A kitten born in the 10th month of the year is an Octo-puss.

Heather: A cat ate some cheese, and waited for a mouse with baited breath.

Anne: A sleeping cow is a bulldozer.

Heather: If you chop up an old piano and you will get a cord of wood.

Anne: Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a bananna.

Heather: A person who loves to play chess on a ship IS A WATER CHESSNUT.

Anne: Shepherds are sheepish people who don't like staff meetings.

Heather: Ancient orators tended to Babylon.

Anne: A dog breeder crossed a setter and a pointer at Chrismas time and got a pointsetter.

Heather: A grizzly's grandparents are his forebears.

Anne: A mumbling grain farmer can barley be understood.

Heather: An adventurer paddling on a northern river got cold and lit a fire in his boat, only to discover that you cannot have your kayak and heat it too.

Anne: Archery contests are usually won by an arrow margin.

Heather: A new lumberjack's union was started by a splinter group.

Anne: There was an orchestra conductor who threw tempo tantrums.

Heather: My grandmother learned grammar by wrote.

Anne: You never go hungry at the beach because of the sandwhichis there.

Heather: The first scientists who studied fog were mistified.

Anne: The bear went over the mountain to see what was bruin.

Heather: A romantic florist likes two-lips.

Anne: When ancient wall sculptors were finished, it was a relief.

Heather: A cook made pancakes flippantly.

Anne: A goat went to the office supply store on his lunch break. He was on a staple diet.

Heather: If two people invest in a boat, it's a partner-ship.

Anne: A man's home is his castle, in a manor of speaking.

Heather: The big new clock at city hall was the tock of the town.

Anne: A ham walked out of the hospital and said, "I'm cured".

Heather: In a Scandinavian race, the last Lapp crossed the Finnish line.

Anne: You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna-fish.

Heather: On a farm, a horse and some pigs could be neigh-boars.

Anne: If you're stiff as a board, it could be your lumbar.

Heather: Fast horses can cause their riders a lot of woe.

Anne: Your nose is the scenter of your face.

Heather: The circus fire eater married his old flame after a long and extinguished career.

Anne: Two lovers who had been apart for some time were reunited on a foggy day. One whispered to the other 'I mist you'.

Heather: Male deer have buck teeth.

Anne: One palm tree said to another, 'let's have a date.'

Heather: Herb gardeners who work extra get thyme and a half.

Anne: A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France would result in Linoleum Blownapart.

Heather: A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.

Anne: A plateau is a high form of flattery.

Heather: It's hard for a depressed turtle to get out of his shell.