katherine behar
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art: 3D-&&

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In 3D-&&, a fossilized 3D printer slowly produces "scarab" covers for a network of glowing USB mouses, while its motors chirp out a plaintive message in Morse Code, calling out "M-O-M-M-Y. . . D-A-D-D-Y. . ."


3D-&& crosses the archaeological and futuristic, digital and hand-crafted reproduction, and animate and inanimate agency. The printer makes "perfect" digital copies of an imperfect handmade model, capturing it's analogue imperfections. But the printer is neither faithful nor flawless in its work. A growing mound of scarab shells testifies to its unpredictable irregularities. And what is more, the promise of 3D printing—instantaneous democratic production—is undercut by the slowness that permeates the process. Far from rapid prototyping, the printer moves painstakingly slowly, gradually secreting each print.

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