katherine behar
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art: Live Chatter: Impersonal Impersonation of a Chatterbot Persona


Live Chatter is an interactive live text chat performed for "(re)Actor2: Bad Girls, Gadgets, and Guerilla Performance," a feminist digital live art conference.


In Live Chatter: Impersonal Impersonation of a Chatterbot Persona, I converse with conference attendees through a live remote text chat. A point of departure for this performance is the first chatterbot ELIZA who was programmed to "speak" in appropriate modalities such that, like her namesake the fair and eminently educable lady Eliza Doolittle, she could "pass" as a socially credible persona. Chatterbots mimic human conversation, but I attempt to reverse these roles by training myself to impersonate a chatterbot's persona. "Live Chatter" questions the tacit priority of persona over impersonality and intelligence over artificiality.

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